There are millions of people following the buzz on the internet about “3D Printed Concrete Homes”.

People are chomping at the bit waiting to place an order or contract a builder to have their own 3D Printed Concrete Home. We found 9 companies in the U.S currently developing 3D concrete printers for building homes. One company Aniwaa actually has a printer for sale for $480,000.00. One must wonder if they have sold any? The big question is when will we see a company actually buy a 500k printer and start advertising 3D Printed Concrete Homes for sale? 

At this moment no such company has started that race. Here at 3D Concrete Homes we are also chomping at the bit to purchase a 3D concrete printer and we are ready to start that race but because the technology is in its infancy stage, forking out a half a million is too risky because within a few months a better and faster printer will be on the market. 

 We scoured the internet and cannot find a single company who builds 3D Printed Concrete Homes for the public. We found several prototypes built and they generally hit the news but the companies who built them will not return our calls or emails on inquires. Since this is such an exciting industry they must be flooded with calls.

So what is holding up the public sales of 3D concrete homes? Building codes and safety is one factor but prototypes have proven to be safe even without steel rebar to reinforce the structure. Our evaluation is investments are starting to pour in and we are nearing breaking ground day. If you watch some of the videos on our video page you will be convinced that 3D concrete homes, pools, jacuzzi’s and many creative inventions are the future and the future is near.


Here is a short list of 3D concrete companies.
Balfour Beatty
Carillion PLC (PwC)
Dus Architects
Foster + Partners
Kier Group PLC
Sika AG
Yingchuang Building Technique (Shanghai) Co. Ltd (WinSun)