The sound of a concrete home sounds dreary, cold, and institutionalized, but if you notice the picture to the left, humanity has entered into a new era of architecture. These 3D printed concrete homes are only limited to your imagination. Unimaginable texture, colors and architectural designs that would have never been possible until today. All of this can be created in just a couple of days at a fraction of the cost of your typical wooden house.
This new era of architecture is a game-changer compared to a stick-build-house. And to think that these homes are also fireproof, hurricane, and termite-proof could possibly change the dictionary meaning of the phrase “wooden houses.” Wooden houses could soon be described as: “A once known primitive architecture that required massive trees to shelter humanity.”

Experts are currently working on earthquake-resistant modeling by using computer simulations that would leave “wooden houses” in a pile of rubble.

The first person to have conceived the idea of a 3D printed concrete home is speculated to be the science fiction writer Eric Frank Russell back in 1947. Looking at the feasibility of 3D architecture today is now an unstoppable reality. 3D printed architecture is far beyond a conceptual idea as several companies have already started selling homes around the world such as Mighty Buildings in Oakland, California.

The possibility of an environmentalist and an entrepreneur working together, based on the idea that a house can be built in a day without cutting down any trees, is now a reality. There are currently different types of 3D printing methods such as building sections of the house and then piecing them together, or using a huge robotic machine that towers over a house that has the ability to build the entire home in one sitting. Regular cement or composite material can mold cement into an artistic architecture that only H.G. Wells or Jules Verne could have predicted.

3D printed architects have opened up a dozen or more new industries such as 3D printed showers or 3D printed pools. Imagine the pool slide you could make. How about a 3D printed jacuzzi? Hot tub or bathtub? Colors can be added to the cement to make beautiful concrete flooring or wall designs. 3D printed designs are beyond capable of complex architecture where in the future you can go to and download a new shower or bathtub design and then send it to and they will have it made in a day.

The world is watching to see if 3D concrete homes will be replacing conventional wood-built houses. One indicator that an industry is about to boom is when thousands of domain names are registered from around the world. When an idea turns into a profitable market, entrepreneurs, and investors quickly secure intellectual property such as domain names otherwise known as the “dot-coms.” You might laugh at this, “butt” even has been registered. It makes you think what toilets will look like ten years from now. The company Mighty Buildings just received an investment check for 35 million dollars for the development of 3D Composite Homes. When you start seeing investments like that, be ready to see in “3D,” as houses and buildings will literally pop up in your neighborhood in just a day.