How Much Does a 3D Printed House Cost in 2019?

Every new innovation comes to the market with a particular price tag. Large concrete 3D printers, for example, had a rather high price tag when they first launched. But, just as with most technologies, the prices are dropping as new, better and more affordable products are being developed. Also helping prices to lower are new, innovative concrete mixes. As there are a number of projects dabbling in 3D printed buildings around the globe, it’s impossible to give an exact price for 3D printed houses. Instead, we’ll check out a few of the most recent and most promising projects and their reported prices. In general, however, you’ll see that a 3D printed house can cost as low as $10,000, or sometimes even lower.

ICON – A House for as Low as $4000?


Take a look at the picture above. The house you’re looking was 3D printed by a company called ICON in Texas. ICON specializes in developing low-cost construction solutions, hence why their highlight project is this 3D printed house. In collaboration with non-profit organization New Story, ICON plans to build a whole neighborhood of these low-cost 3D printed houses in El Salvador. The goal is to provide homes for people who, unfortunately, don’t yet have appropriate living conditions. The prototype for the 3D printed house cost around $10,000, but the company claims that it can bring that down to only $4000, which is great news. The approximate build time for ICON’s 3D printed house is roughly 24h.

Winsun – 10 Houses in One Day


A Shanghai-based company called Winsun was a hit back in 2014 thanks to their achievement of 3D printing 10 houses in one day. Winsun used large concrete 3D printers, 10 meters wide and 6.6 meters tall. And the company claimed that each 3D printed house cost $4,800, which is surprisingly low for 2014! Although Winsun’s 3D printed houses aren’t that refined, they attracted a lot of public interest. The project definitely contributed to the rising number of 3D printed houses and the development of the machines that make them. Winsun is also known for producing one of the most advanced 3D printed buildings to date, which is coming up in the next section…

DUBAI's Office Building


To finish off the article, we present what’s claimed to be the most advanced 3D printed building in the world. What is it? A beautiful and futuristic office building in Dubai. The entire process took Winsun only 17 days to print. Up to this point, we’ve only been describing rather cheap 3D printed houses, but this building was a little more expensive, at around $140,000. Still, compared to how much it would have cost if it hadn’t been 3D printed, the final price tag is impressively low.